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As a child, in her spare time, Dr. Lawrence was in her element choreographing dance,  cheerleading, and drill routines, singing, acting, modeling, writing plays, and organizing shows.  Even though she participated in the performing arts at school, church and in her community, her dream was somewhat stifled by a (most likely jealous) family member who constantly told her, "You always want to be seen".  Little did Jacqueline know at the time, that she was ordained by God to be seen- on the stage- and did not need to be embarrassed about the desire God imparted in her heart for her to perform. 

As an adult, tired of hearing from one individual after another that she had missed her calling, Jacqueline decided it is never too late for one to miss his calling, and, in spite of what she had been told as a child by her negative family member, began to pursue her passion for the stage.  In the early eighties, she began to take her dreams of performing seriously, and every opportunity she had, she was on somebody's stage; modeling, singing, acting, dancing, speaking, and entering and winning pageants. 

Jacqueline has shared her talents with others as church drama minister, talent consultant, pageant judge, and drama and modeling teacher, and is just as passionate about helping others to live their dreams as she is about living her own. 

A graduate, former instructor, and demo model for Barbizon School of Modeling in San Francisco and two time beauty pageant winner, after helping so many organizations produce and organize their fashion shows and pageants, Dr. Lawrence enjoys planting and cultivating seeds of confidence on the catwalk and sidewalk through her modeling and pageantry workshops, In Full Bloom Modeling and Pageantry Academy.

Lawrence has written and performed customized skits and humorous characterizations suitable for various events (roastings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), where she not only shows off her talent for acting, but also for singing and dancing. Additionally, she has performed numerous monologues, dramatic poetry and acted in various stage plays such as “Let America Be America, Again” by Langston Hughes, “Still, I Rise” and "Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou, “God’s Trombones” by James Weldon Johnson, “Soul of the Drum”, "Single & Waiting", "Black Nativity", "Ain't I A Woman?", "A Day of Absence", and more.  

In recognition of her self-acceptance plight as a black woman in today's racist and male dominant society, as well as her appreciation for the sufferings of her ancestors who fought and died for her freedom, Dr. J. developed a fictitious slave character named, “Ms. Mammy”. She revives one of African America's first unsung heroes of the south- at various black history, church, and special events- in her eye-opening, edge-of-the-seat sittin’, original dramatic monologue, reminding us who Ms. Mammy was, and for whom she stood.

Having expanded her mammy performance, Lawrence has shared a one-woman show entitled, "The Evolution of Mammy", which has evolved into a stage production featuring some of the most profound figures of female descendants of Africa. 

Dr. Lawrence continues to accept every possible opportunity to get up on somebody's stage.  If you are interested in having her participate in an upcoming event, email Dr. Lawrence at jacquelinesemailaddress@yahoo.com

or call:  707-393-7661


Way back when, before time began,

God had you in mind.

He made you special and unique;

to be one of a kind.

Only at that very instant, could that one egg have united with that one sperm,

to bring you into existence,

for your designated term.


Had that one egg

joined with any of the others,

you wouldn’t be alive today;

you’d be your sister or your brother.

No matter how much like you,

they might be,

they could never, ever be

the “you” I see.


Only you can be you,

and no one else.

If there were no you,

you’d have no self.

God made you for His purpose

and His reasons.

He wanted to give you an opportunity

to be here for a season.


He gave you free will

to make your own choices.

Made you a book of people bold enough

to raise their voices

to show and tell you the way

that you should go;

even gave Himself as an example of
how to love,
so you would know.


There is a path that is laid out

for me and for you.

Only you are meant to endure the things

that you go through.

When you make decisions based on

your God-given values and beliefs,

you begin to live out your purpose,

because being “you” gives you relief.


But when you dance to the beat

of other people’s drum,

you’re keeping a little of “you” for yourself, and giving others some.

People who cannot accept, and who try to

stop you from being “you”,

are getting in the way of what

God wants to do through you.


How can you learn for yourself

to trust in the Lord

if all of your trust, in another,

has been stored?

God wants your heart

to be single and free

so He can design you to be

who He wants you to be.

by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence 
(From her book, Won't Somebody Come Correct?)

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