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Written Communication

When author, lyricist, poet, and playwright, Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence puts pen in hand (okay, fingers on keyboard- she hates writing; unless of course, she has a slick, gel pen with a comforting grip that slides across the paper like ice skates on ice), her readers and audience can expect the real, raw, and revealing truth.   



To date, Jacqueline has written five Christian books to inspire the soul and impart insight and truth.  She strategically and wittingly intertwines her soul-stirring poems/prose into each of her books.

Jacqueline's first book of poems, entitled, "Single and Waiting:  An Expressive Collection of Poems", which consisted of 25 poems written by Dr. Lawrence on relationships, had it's very humble beginnings in the form of a hand made book printed at Kinkos.  Although the print was too small, the copies had been made, and Jacqueline was proud because of her accomplishment.  When she showed her book to a close relative, laughter broke out with the words, "You did this sh--?"  Ticked and desperate to "show them all", Lawrence invested $2,000 to have the book self-published.

After sending her book to only one publisher, (formerly) BET Books, she received a message on her phone stating that they would like her to expand it, and were interested in publishing not just one, but two books.  Prompted by one failed relationship after another, in 2004, Jacqueline published her first Christian, non-fiction book entitled, Single & Waiting, which consisted of a portion of her doctoral dissertation, in hopes of inspiring single men and women to wait on the Lord to send them a suitable mate and not take matters into their own hands, as she had done for so many years.

Won’t Somebody Come Correct? (Harlequin, formerly BET Books) was written in 2006 to help God's children understand the importance of loving and treating others the way they want to be loved and treated so that we can please God.

Also in 2006, Lawrence wrote and self published Prosperity Planning God’s Way (Xlibris), which contains a wealth of information and exercises to help children of God cultivate their soil so their seed would fall on good ground,  understand the types of seeds that God has purposed for them to plant, and plant their seeds in due season, so that when God sends down rain, they will be able to bring in ripe and plentiful fruit from their harvest

Top Secret (Xlibris), which is based on her profound, parabolic, and prophetic ministry, Heavenly Skyways, a division of End Time Solutions, sets scriptures in order  to reveal God's hidden mysterious mission for those having ears to hear it in this fourth and final generation.


She is currently at work on another book, entitled, Single and Still Waiting.


Dr. Lawrence, revealing God's command to love Him, self, and others through her real, raw, and revealing lyrics (primarily gospel and r&b), is often referred to as "The Love Lyricist".  She partners with music composers to bless the nations through song.  If you are a talented music composer who would like a sample review of some of Dr. Lawrence's lyrics,  send an email, including your genre of choice,  to jacquelinesemailaddress@yahoo.com (Subject Line:  Request to View Sample Lyrics).

Some of Jacqueline's dynamic titles include:

  • Sheep Food
  • As I Await
  • He's Got Something Good For Me
  • In The Fire
  • Day By Day
  • You Did Yo Thang
  • Work Your Power
  • Suddenly and in Season
  • Can I Call You?
  • Woo Me Into It
  • Thug Project
  • Sleeping Dogs

Stage Plays/Productions

Jacqueline has written numerous stage plays and skits. Most notably, however, she wrote a stage play entitled “Single & Waiting” which is based on her book, Single & Waiting. This play is about five college buddies who come together after many years and tumultuous relationships to attend one of their weddings. As they are preparing for the wedding party dinner and for the wedding, they discuss their many dating dilemmas throughout the years. 

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SLAVE is an "all day" event which is produced by Dr. Lawrence at various locations across the United States.  Attendees experience the lifestyles, traditions, religion, and hope for freedom of the African slaves in the Americas during the 16th through 19th centuries, as we honor their contributions to America and the world.  Modern day slavery and racism are discussed.  Slave food is served. 

Lawrence's latest theatrical works is entitled The Evolution of Mammy, a powerful performance depicting the perpetual progress of African Queens from the Motherland to the Big House, to the White House.

Dr. Lawrence is eager to get the messages of her plays and stage performances out to the nations.  If you are interested in having Dr. Lawrence come to your church, theater or venue, email:

or call 707-393-7661


 Mission Statement:
    Going forth to teach God's children to love Him, ourselves, and one another.


Why does everyone always say

that communication is the key?

But when I tell folk about the way I feel,

they always get mad at me.

Folk can dish it out, but who can take

others telling them the truth?

All people want is to be pumped up

and to have their egos soothed.


It seems as though no one can handle

any kind of correction.

Nobody wants to change their ways

and head in a new direction.

They want me to walk on egg shells,

tip-toeing around their insecurities.

They feel more comfortable dealing with folk who exist in mere obscurities.


Everyone wants a relationship,

but no one wants to relate.

Even when I try to talk nice to folk,

they swear I’m trying to mutilate

their character, just because I’ve lovingly pointed out one of their many flaws.

Folk are so quick to dismiss “friendships”

without having legitimate cause.


When I try to further explain my position,

they get loud and even more offended.

I thought I could at least keep it real

with folk in my life who I befriended.

I wish there was someone who could respect what comes from inside of me;

someone who really and truly believes

that communication is the key.

by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence
(From her book, Won't Somebody Come Correct?)

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