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About Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence

                        No Grass Underfoot

Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence, Doctor of Christian Counseling, was born and raised in Northern California.  She earned her Bachelor's degree from Tuskegee University in 1983, and later earned her Master's degree in Theology, and and her Doctorate of Christian Counseling degree from Sacramento Theological School and Bible College in Sacramento, California in 2004.

A single mother of two lovely daughters, Desire'e and Alyssa, Jacqueline proudly wears her crown as "Momo" of six lovely grandchildren.

Trained up as a child in the way she should go by her loving mother and firm, yet playful dad, Jacqueline accepted Jesus as her Savior at a very early age.  It wasn't until years later, after much toil and hardship, however, that she surrendered her life to Him, as Lord.

Having always been gifted as an athlete, singer, writer, dancer, choreographer, and actress, a lover of God's word, Jacqueline decided to obey her Father's command to go and teach His children through her many talents and spiritual gifts; faith, teaching, and encouraging. 

fter earning her Doctorate degree, her dissertation became the launching pad for her career as an author.  To date, she has written five Christian, non-fiction books, numerous stage plays, poems, lyrics, and magazine articles. 

Passionate about the stage, she enjoys the performing arts (singing, acting, dancing, modeling, etc.), as well as teaching and encouraging others in pursuit of their performing arts dreams.  One of her accomplishments in which she is most proud is the fact that she founded America's first pageant and conference for plus size teens in 2009, Plus Teen U.S.A. which appeared on the Style Network's "Ruby". 

Through her God-given wisdom, she enjoys encouraging African Americans to embrace their inner and outer beauty, empowering and coaching her brothers and sisters in an effort to usher them into the will of God and help their plans succeed. 

Passionate about ministry, Back in 2005, within a three month period, four different prophets prophesied about her voice, each stating that there was something special and unique that they could not pinpoint about it, but that it was meant for God's kingdom.  The last of these prophets referred to her as "The Voice of the Harvest"-  which is the end of the age (Mt. 13:39).  It wasn't much longer that the Lord gave Dr. Lawrence (aka Harvest Voice), a very important assignment relating to solutions for these end times.

Owner of The Underground Railroad African American Outreach Museum, in 2015, Dr. Lawrence became founder and CEO of a non profit organization, Heiress Productions, Inc., it's mission, to honor and perpetuate the legacy of the hope and dream of the African slave and provide reparations through a variety of religious (spiritual), educational, and charitable activities for the mind, body, and spirit that promote Health, Empowerment, Inspiration, Reverence, Education, Spirituality, and Solidarity for the descendants and/or beneficiaries of the slave.

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  Mission Statement:
    Going forth to teach God's children
to love Him, ourselves, and one another
in accordance with God's word,
His will, and His way.


If there were just one thing
that God wants us to do, it would be to love.

First and foremost, to love Him,
our Heavenly Father from above.

Once that relationship has been secured, then we're ready to venture out

And find out what loving one another
is really all about.


We're supposed to love one another unconditionally and treat everybody right.

Nowadays, instead of loving one another, the protocol is to fight.

This world has really beaten up that little, innocent four-letter word.

It's been crushed, killed, ridiculed,
and all too often, never been heard.


When it does slip out from time to time, satan declares war.

He does all he can to make sure it's not said, heard or felt anymore.

We're so afraid to say that word
for fear of what others may think.

The use of that one word alone,
could cause a relationship to sink.


So no matter how much our hearts
are about to burst with emotion,

This world of hate and fear keeps our feelings concealed so we don't get a notion

to be bold and real and speak how we feel and say the words, "I love you".
Satan's thrilled because he's got us
tongue-tied. Our hearts are hog-tied, too.

by Dr. Jacqueline Lawrence
(From her book, Single & Waiting)

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